Growing Your Digital Marketing Agency

5 Ways to Bring in New Customers

When it comes to running a successful digital marketing agency, there are two main, key components it’s important to focus on. First you want to make sure you are delivering excellent results for your clients and second you’ve got to make sure you are continuously generating new business and finding new clients for your agency. These may seem like quite easy keys to follow through on, especially for those who are new to the digital marketing world, but it’s actually a bit more difficult than it seems and that’s because the competition out there for digital marketing services is pretty fierce.

So what sort of steps can you take to get ahead of the competition and bring in more clients to your digital marketing agency? Well, of course if you’re great at delivering results for your current clients, you’re more likely to get referrals and new customers from those satisfied clients. However, you shouldn’t lose sight of also marketing your agency on your own. This will help your company grow and get the word out, that you are the go to agency for digital marketing. Let’s look at five ways you can bring in new customers to your agency.

Keep the Focus on Your Own SEO

When it comes to creating new and fresh SEO content, it’s important to set aside time in your day to dedicate to your own SEO content. Doing this can be good not only for your agency, but for future clients as well. That’s because as you are deploying search engine optimization strategies for your own agency, you’ll in turn learn valuable tips and ideas that can also help potential clients improve their SEO content. It’s also important to remember to focus on your local SEO as well. Marketing to the local community is a great way to establish your company as a prominent choice among digital marketing agencies and it’s a good way to get local referrals from current satisfied clients as well.

Know the Importance of Social Media Platforms

Strong social media marketing is a vital key to acquiring more customers. It’s no secret that social media is a great way to get your brand out there and network with potential clients all over the world. However, it’s not only important to have a presence on social media through posting and commenting, you also need to take advantage of advertising on these platforms. To carry out a successful social media campaign, you’ll need to allocate some funds for advertising. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount, but getting your company’s name and what you provide clients out there in the social media world is a surefire way to get your company recognition and perhaps a slight edge over other companies who only post on social media instead of both posting and advertising.

Sales Should be a Priority

Don’t underestimate the power of your sales team. Not only are they a vital tool needed to bring in new accounts, they are the ones who are going to be out there selling your digital marketing company‘s brand and reputation, so don’t be afraid to use them. Sales are just as important as maintaining current client accounts, it’s those new sales that are going to help grow your company and its profits. When it comes to sales, it’s also a good point to keep in mind that face to face sales tend to be more successful than those done digitally, such as through an email. So, get that sales team out and about networking with potential clients and soliciting potential sales on your behalf. Your sales team might be a part of your company that you don’t invest much time in, but the sales team is actually just as important as your developers, designers, and digital marketers.

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Hold Informative Seminars

Holding seminars is a great way to, not only market your company and what it offers, but it’s also going to give you a positive reputation as a company who is willing to put itself out there and offer free advice to other marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. You could offer a monthly seminar at your company’s office and advertise it through your social media platforms and email distribution list. It’s an excellent way to get fresh faces into your office and make a good impression. And those fresh faces could very well turn into new clients. When it comes to picking a topic for your seminar, look for a topic that’s currently trending on social media or a concern that others have addressed on social media or through networking. These seminars will prove to be valuable to you as you introduce potential clients to your brand and give them a favorable view of your company as you seek to inform and advise others on engaging topics.

Get Out in Those Networking Events

Getting involved in the events in your local community will almost assuredly mean networking with potential clients. The more you put yourself and your company out there, the better your chances of drumming up new business.  Consider being a sponsor of a local fundraising event or attending an annual festival and of course, be sure to attend as many functions related to local digital marketing as possible. The more people you mingle and network with, the better your chances of increasing your client list.

By taking these five strategies into consideration when trying to bring in more clients to your digital marketing company, you’ll have a better chance of not only finding, but landing new clients while giving your company an important edge over the competition.