Does Monitoring of Employees Make them more Efficient?

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Employee Monitoring

In this age of the internet and advanced technology,

it is not unusual to monitor employees especially if we talk about big companies. Also if you own a startup or a small business, you will want to keep expenses minimal in terms of time savings as well as bills for mobile and other costs that your employees can make.

What are the Ways of Employee Monitoring?

You can monitor your employees in several ways, by monitoring Internet and app usage, email and its usage, phone and mobile use, computer screen recordings or perform GPS tracking by vehicle and location tracking by access badge.

Monitoring of monitoring Internet, email and app usage is quite frequent. All you need to have in a reliable administrator who will give you the access to your employee computers or set a keyword, such as Facebook or movies, which will trigger a notice on your computer to let you know that employee is doing fun stuff during working hours.

Tracking of phone use can be performed by checking the listings of phone calls, but it is a time-consuming process, so you better think about it twice, because today mobiles are much more used than traditional phones.

If you decide to do mobile tracking, you might need a phone tracker for android or iOS application to be installed on business mobiles of your employees. With a proper application you will be able to monitor their whereabouts with geolocation feature, check call logs, messages, emails and chats. You can do monitoring directly from your mobile so, you can be updated about your employees’ activities all the time.

GPS tracking by vehicle and location tracking by access badge are also a good option for employee monitoring especially if they are commercial representatives and travel a lot, or they are associates whose tasks demand a lot of getting around the company.

What can you do with the results and findings of monitoring?

It is good to tell your stuff that they are being monitored, because, that will give them a bit of pressure not to do private calls, chats or jobs at work. Also, if you have performance monitoring, you will be able to connect the performance with other activities monitoring and see if there is a connection between lower efficacy and performance of workers with their other activities.

If lower performance is a result of problems at home, such an illness of a child, it is understandable, but you don’t want your employees to be less efficient because they have a coffee with a friend while visiting wholesalers and shops for commercial tasks at work.

Does monitoring really make your stuff more efficient?

Some people work well under pressure. The monitoring will just improve their performance, and they will be happy to know that you can see how hard workers they are. But don’t underestimate the fact that there are a lot of people that give a lower performance when monitored. So be careful when planning how to track your employees and be sure that this monitoring is within the limits of the law.