How to Effectively Manage a Startup Team

Effectively Manage a Startup Team

Running your own start-up will challenge you unlike anything else

but one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is managing your team. A cohesive, motivated team is worth its weight in gold and is sure to take you places. A team that isn’t united or invested in what they’re doing, on the other hand, could spell trouble for your fledgling company. In this video, Dan Martell explains the best method for doing exactly that — the highly effective “Three M” method.


Successful teams touch base with one another frequently, making meetings one of the most effective ways to keep everyone on the same page. You’ll learn about the four distinct types of meetings every startup team requires in order to be its very best: the daily stand-up, the weekly meeting, the quarterly retreat, and the yearly plan. You’ll also discover why each is important, as well as learn how to set yours up for maximum effect. Meetings are important even when you manage a virtual team because you need to make sure everyone will stay productive while working from home!

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Running a startup has everything in common with playing a game. Each team member not only needs to know the score, but also what’s expected of them as an individual in order to succeed. Learn about key performance indicators, as well as how to help team members get “unstuck” if they run into issues. The importance of delegation and verification are also discussed.


When people are given the gifts of vision and excitement, they work harder and become capable of reaching their full potential as team members. Learn why the story of your business is important, as well as discover how to tell it in such a way that each team member views it as their story too. “He with the best story wins.” It’s time to learn how to make sure that’s you!