The Business Plan Every Digital Marketing Agency Needs

The Business Plan Every Digital Marketing Agency Needs


Before you can get to work making your new digital marketing agency everything you’d like it to be, you need to establish a strong foundation on which to build. That means constructing, implementing, and following an airtight plan. In this video, entrepreneur Jason Swenk shares his tips for building a business plan that will truly take you places.

1. Clarity 

It’s not enough to know where your agency is now. You also need a clear vision as to where it’s going. Learn the importance of knowing what to say “no” to, understanding who your client is, and more.

2. Positioning

You don’t want your agency to be one of many choices your target client has. You want it to be the choice and this step will teach you how to facilitate that.

3. Offering

You don’t just need to know what your ideal client needs in an agency. You also need to understand what you’re offering your client in terms of forward growth and expansion.

4. Prospecting

In this step, you’ll explore the importance of prospecting. You also discover the importance of a three-channel approach to finding the ideal prospects for you and your company.

5. Sales

Once you have your prospects, you’ll need to convert them into clients. Learn how in this step.

6. Delivery

You also need a clear onboarding strategy for your agency. Discover how you can build a solid follow-up plan and avoid losing money via scope creep.

7. Operations

Explore how to determine the ideal current and future structure of your team. You’ll learn how to properly identify the various layers of responsibility within your structure as well.

8. Leadership

Even the best team is only as good as its leader. In this step, you’ll learn how to become the type of leader that gets results and continues to help your agency stand out. Get started today!