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The Many Changes in the Advertising World

The advertising world has undergone immense change over the past several years. TV, print, and other “traditional” forms of advertising are no longer as popular as they once were, but that doesn’t mean that these traditional advertising channels are irrelevant, far from it. However, newer advertising channels offer different and often better opportunities.

The average American is bombarded with roughly 5,000 advertisements in any given day and people are immensely good at tuning out many of these ads. As a result, advertisers have had to get creative in order to get attention and cutting-edge niche advertising companies are tapping into new marketing methods and channels, so they can cut through the noise.

Rather than focusing on the new methods and channels, let’s take a gander at some of the newer types of marketing agencies and along the way we’ll explain what makes their methods so important and potentially effective.

The Viral Video Factory

Online videos account for as much as 74% of all online traffic and it’s not just about views either, but also conversions. Customers who have watched a video are nearly twice as likely to make a purchase. A video landing page, meanwhile, can increase conversions by as much as 80%.

In other words, videos can be very effective. Perhaps the most effective type of video is a viral video because with viral videos, companies can draw hundreds of thousands, even millions, or more views to a single video.

The best part about viral marketing is that you don’t have to pay for individual views. You could pay millions of dollars to run a commercial during Super Bowl, and you’ll get millions of views, but no guarantee those views will convert. With a viral video, however, the views generally come organically, since people find your video, like it, then share it and the entire process starts over again with more people finding and sharing the video.

GIF Experts Will Get You Your 15 Seconds of Fame

GIFs are basically short videos, measuring in seconds rather than minutes; it’s not quite technically correct, but everyone gets the point, and they are great for sharing on social media, or passing around via email chains. It’s hard to create a GIF that gains traction, however, and low-quality GIFs are often treated as a scourge of the Internet.

Fortunately, GIF experts have emerged to fill in this niche and a tried and true GIF expert will be able to craft engaging, interesting, unique, and high-quality GIFs. This means your chances of gaining traction are much higher and many GIF experts are also marketing experts that can jump-start your efforts.

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The Internet of (Every) Thing

There’s a fast-emerging concept called the “Internet of Things.” Under this paradigm, a huge plethora of devices will be connected to the Internet and we’re not talking about “just” smartphones, computers, and smartwatches. We’re talking refrigerators, thermostats, your car, literally just about every device and gadget you use.

As the Internet of Things grows, new opportunities to reach people will emerge. Think about how much Internet advertising changed the world of marketing when computers became ubiquitous, now imagine that extreme change applied to the Internet of Things.

However, as new devices emerge, new methods of advertising will also have to emerge. Even the relatively straightforward jump from PCs to smartphones caused a massive change in new ad types and mobile friendly websites. There are many smartphone marketing experts out there and soon there will be Internet of Things experts too that specialize in marketing on just about every IoT device you can imagine.

Let’s consider the idea of a smart fridge and let’s say this fridge informs you that you’re low on milk; now you need milk. Next, a marketer offers you a coupon to try a different brand of milk and that offer is going to look very tempting.

As the World Changes, Marketing Changes as Well

So, what’s the takeaway from the above points? As the world changes marketing efforts must change with it and this will create opportunities for those who strive to stay ahead. Where there are opportunities, there will be experts and whether that means IoT marketing or crafting viral videos, expertise will pay off.

For those companies that strive to stay ahead of the changes, potential opportunities will become actualized opportunities. And for those companies that don’t stay abreast of the changes, they will be exposed to risks. Just consider Sears; more than a century ago they revolutionized shopping with their magazines, however, they failed to keep up and have since been pushed into bankruptcy.

Would you rather be the next Sears or the next Amazon? You decide.