15 Ways to Ramp Up Customer Engagement

Engaging Customers Rather than Annoying Them

Customer engagement is an important factor for any business

Customers are bombarded with ads and commercials all day long and indeed, the average person will see somewhere around 5,000 ads per day! It can be hard to stand out given all that noise.

However, by following the 15 tips below you can increase customer engagement. Not only will customers notice you, but you may also be able to establish a genuine relationship.

1. Offer Discounts and Coupons

Coupons have long been among the most popular and widely used promotional tools and with good reason because they are one of the most effective methods for getting customers to convert. Use coupons as bait to get emails and to engage subscribers on your emails list.

2. Use High-Value Content as Lead Magnets

Roughly 97% of e-commerce shoppers are going to ditch your website, however, you may be able to establish a relationship by getting emails, phone numbers, and other contact details to follow up with. A great way to do so is to utilize a lead magnet, such as an ebook. If you can offer an ebook that will solve a serious problem, your viewers might be willing to trade an email address for a copy of the book.

3. Run Contests, Giveaways, & Challenges

Another way to get email addresses, feedback, and other valuable bits of information is to offer giveaways. Maybe you can offer a free product or gift certificates. A well-managed contest is an affordable way to drum up information or you can offer rewards for people who complete a contest. Maybe competitors can write a great company slogan or something else.

4. Set up a Loyalty Program

Customers want to feel included and one way to make them feel included is to set up a loyalty program. Through this program you can give your most loyal customers a variety of gifts and other rewards, such as discounts. A customer loyalty program is a fantastic way to build a relationship.

5. Cross Sell and Upsell

Cross selling is a great way to drum up sales. If a customer buys a product, you already have a good idea of what their interests and/or needs are. For example, if someone buys a laptop, they might be in need of a laptop bag or other accessories.

Upselling is a potentially even more effective process. Maybe a customer is looking at a cheap laptop and selling them that laptop is great, but first why don’t you try to sell them a more premium model or perhaps upgraded parts, such as more RAM?

6. Use Chatbots and Other Interactive Assistants

Powerful chatbots can be used to act as personal shoppers for customers. These bots can offer advice, answer questions, and perform other functions. The bots can gather data along the way, such as preferences, pain points, budgets, and all the rest. Simple forms that match preferences with products can also be used.

7. Offer Training Videos and Demos

Many people prefer videos over written content. Videos often generate some of the best effective conversion rates and general engagement, so put up videos. For example, let’s say you sell gym equipment then make sure you offer free videos that people can watch to see how the equipment works.

8. Use “Risk Reducers”

A purchase is a risk because a customer has to put their money on the line. Offer risk reducers, such as, no-question exchanges, free returns, fast and free shipping, and free warranties. This way, customers will know that their money is safe and being well spent.

9. Plug Your Products

Potential customers will take a close look at reviews. If your products are getting rave reviews, show them off. Highlight the best and most thorough reviews, this way, you will provide some social proof regarding your products.

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10. Setup Wishlists and Consider “Granting” Some Wishes

A wishlist will help reduce shopping cart abandonment and can increase conversions and wishlists also remind customers of products they want to purchase. Consider sending offers for items on the wishlist and for cheap wishes, you might even “grant” the wish on their birthday or the anniversary of their sign up.

11. Make Sure the Payment Process is Secure

The payment process needs to be secure and fortunately, you can use a variety of badges to demonstrate how secure the payment process is and that their data will be protected. Also, offer a variety of payment methods. Besides debit and credit, consider PayPal and other similar online payment services.

12. Use Surveys to Field Info and Offer Rewards

Data is vital for retailers because you need to know what people like and don’t like. Fielding this information can be difficult, but you can offer a reward for information. For example, if a regular customer suddenly stops shopping at your site, send a survey to find out why and in exchange, offer them a $10 gift certificate.

13. Don’t Let Them Leave Without an Offer

You can now set up popups to pop up when someone leaves your webpage. Set up a popup offering a discount or free ebook in exchange for an email. This will increase your chances of hooking them. Even if they don’t make a purchase today, they might make one in the future.

14. Send Email Reminders for In Cart Products

Did someone put a product in their cart but fail to make a purchase? If so, send an email reminding them and if they still don’t bite after a few reminders, consider a short-time offer such as purchase product in the next 48 hours and get 10% off!

15. Support Social Causes and Charities

People like to buy from companies that they perceive as ethical, so make sure you support charities and social causes. For example, if a major natural disaster recently occurred, consider donating 10% of any sale to disaster relief efforts. This will increase engagement and build your brand as well.

16. Turn Your Customers into Sales Agents

Let’s wrap up our list with one of the most powerful methods: turning your customers into sales agents. It’s pretty simple, you can offer happy customers a discount if they share their positive experience on social media or you can give them a referral bonus for any qualified lead or someone who makes a purchase. Leveraging your existing customers is a great way to produce conversions.