How to Improve Conversions Rates

Improve Conversions Rates

Try These Typically Overlooked Social Media Tactics

When it comes to using your social media platforms to improve your conversion rates and spread your branding message, you may think the routine you’ve got going on is currently working just fine for you. Perhaps you surmise that since you’ve got a seemingly good thing going, you don’t have to think about changing it up. And while it may be true that your current social media tactics are working for you so far, that way of thinking could prove to be a problem in the future. It may cause you to put off considering new and improved ways to help boost your brand’s visibility.

This is especially true if the impact of your social media platform marketing has leveled off, continuing to give you only average, routine results. If that’s the case, it’s probably time to ask yourself how you can use a few sometimes-overlooked social media tactics to help boost your brand, improve your conversion rates, and get an overall needed new boost in the overall productivity of your company. So how does one go about getting started with these tactics? Let’s look at what you can do to get those much-needed social media platform boosts.

Identify Which Platforms are Working Best for You and Double Down on Them

It’s important to have a realization as to which social media platforms are working best regarding getting your brand noticed and improving your conversion rate numbers. Do you see a larger engagement with your brand on Facebook over Twitter? Or perhaps Instagram is your most popular platform and how you engage your customers. No matter the platform, be sure to capitalize on that platform’s popularity by directing your efforts to the platform (or platforms) that generate the most interest among your customers and potential customers.

A great way to engage your social media followers on your most popular platform is through sharing videos. This is a terrific way to get you and your brand noticed and allows users to interact and share their opinions with you. It can also help you narrow down your target audience, which will help you be more successful when it comes to selling your brand.

Actively Participate in Social Media Forum Sites

The top three social forum sites are Inbound, Quora, and Reddit. These sites are full of active communities where users can share information, chat, and get support. Participating in these social media forum sites will help draw more attention to your brand. By offering insight, advice, or basic informative information that could potential help users out, you’ll be spreading a positive reputation for you and your brand and that will help get your brand noticed while helping to increase its productivity.

Make Sure Your Share Buttons are Well Thought Out and Conversion-Oriented

Share buttons are a fantastic way to get your name, messaging, and brand out there…and perhaps even get your content to go viral. But not all share button tactics are created equally. To optimize your share buttons, it’s important to keep in mind a few important tips:

• Share buttons should be easy to spot and simple to understand. It should state plainly what it does if clicked and do exactly that.
• Share buttons should not interfere with content. A reader does not want to be interrupted with pesky pop-up buttons to click.
• Share buttons should be strategically placed. A reader shouldn’t have to search for your share buttons. But at the same time, they also shouldn’t be in a place that makes the reader think you just        want something shared before even being read.

There are also two types of social media share buttons to consider. Which one you choose depends on what type of layout and graphic style you want to achieve. Inline share buttons are the kinds that are arranged in a line together. Sticky share buttons are the interactive type that can include things like a floating banner or floating sidebar.

Share buttons are a fantastic way to get your name, messaging, and brand out there. Click To Tweet

Know How Your Social Media Audience Buys on Social Media Platforms

The demographics and buying habits of your audience will vary across social media platforms. Some products and brands are going to sell better on one platform versus another. Because of this, it’s important to know and understand the sales process of your social media audience. Then you’ll be able to tailor a sales strategy that will target the demographics of each platform.

Be Active and Interactive with Your Social Media Accounts

Your social media followers are following you because they like your brand and messaging. In turn, be sure you are always engaging your followers and interacting with them. Here are a couple of ways you can make sure you’re engaging your social media followers and keeping them interested in your brand:

• Be present and participate. Share insights with your audience. Tag them if you’re using a quote or sharing something they brought to your attention. By being present and engaging with your audience, you’ll stay noticed and make your followers feel useful and appreciated.
• Create plenty of content. Creating new and exciting content is always an important tactic when it comes to keeping your followers engaged and involved. Whether it’s blog posts or sharing a link with your own commentary, make sure you’re continually putting out fresh content for your followers to read and interact with. This keeps your brand actively out there and talked about.
• Share plenty of visuals, statistics, and insights. While in between creating additional content, sharing videos, infographics, statistics, and other insights that your followers may find useful is a great way to engage your followers and share your thoughts on important things related to your brand and messaging.

Make Social Media Your Primary Customer Support Platform

Social media has become one of the leading platforms for customer to ask for help, ask questions, or get customer support. So, this is a wonderful way to offer customer support for your products and brands. Customers today, especially on social media, expect timely responses to their questions and concerns, and by interacting with them over social media, you’ll be catering to a fast-growing way for customer service interactions to happen. So, if you haven’t already, it’s a very good idea to set up a customer support platform over your social media accounts.

Social media platforms can be untapped goldmines when it comes to garnering more followers who are already customers or could turn out to be future customers. So, don’t fall asleep at the wheel when it comes to making sure your social media accounts remain fresh, interactive, and work with you to help further your brand recognition and increase those conversion rates.