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How to Make Big Gains in a Short Amount of Time


When it comes to a new startup it can often prove difficult finding ways to get the business to take off or succeed right out of the gate. Some startups might seem as though they are an overnight success, while others just really aren’t taking off. The answer to why some companies turn into breakout brands with a global presence while others really struggle at the start or even longer lies within some important key elements you’ll need to grow your company and fortify your brand. Let’s look at what you can do to make sure your startup sees immediate growth instead of staying stagnant.

Make Your Brand Memorable

When it comes to the competitive business market, those that succeed are those that stand out. Your business may offer many of the same products and services as others out there. To be able to see that immediate growth you’re seeking when, in the consumer’s mind, you and your competition offer the same things, you’ll need to make sure your brand is memorable.

Let’s look at how exactly you go about making your brand memorable. First of all, you need to make sure your potential brand name is easily used in a sentence. It’s important to have a strong verb potential, giving you a higher chance to be found and remembered. Consumers who remember your brand are more likely to come back for repeat business versus those that would deem your brand as unremarkable and easy to forget. When it comes to articulating a memorable brand, ask yourself these important questions:

• Will my brand create an avid interest?
• Is my brand name and or image unique?
• Is my brand easy to remember and recall?
• Does my brand tell a story (brand story) or platform to stand on?
• Will my brand have a catchy tag line or hook?

Make Your Start Up Scalable

For a business to be scalable, it means that your business is capable of a system or process regarding handling growth. Handling and balancing the work load that comes with growth and refers to the potential to be able to accommodate more growth in the future. The bottom line here is that you’ve got to be able to equally handle all aspects of your new business. Sure, you may have the determination, drive, and motivation to propel your business forward, but you also don’t want to burn out and therefore lose that growth momentum.

Developing a personal brand that that’s memorable and keeping that brand consistent and moving forward can be a challenge, but it’s important to have a business plan or your own personalized system for handling all aspects of that business. Here are a few things you’ll want to try to check off your “scalability” factor list when it comes to your branding:

• Don’t rely just on personal expertise. Be sure to build repeatable systems.
• Realize and take note of what is motivating you when you’re at your best.
• Don’t forget to expand upon your audience, either virtually or geographically.
• Be sure to hire outside help for your weakest area to help balance things out.

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Don’t Make Your Brand a “Best Kept Secret”

This may be one of the most important branding keys. Don’t be afraid to put your company out there, share it with the world! However, to experience growth and maintain that growth for years to come you need to make sure your brand is shareable. A great way to get your company name out there is to start with your customer base. Those customers that love what you have to offer them are the ones that are going to help get your brand out there and grow it. Your loyal customer base will promote your business and recommend you to other potential customers. To make your brand more shareable as well as reward those loyal customers try and set up a perks system for them. Perhaps you can offer a discount promo or coupons, or even an early sample of new products and services. The bottom line here is that the more you make your brand accessible and shareable, the more you’ll see growth at a faster rate.

When it comes to growing your brand, and seeing fast growth within your startup, don’t forget about these three helpful keys. By keeping your company memorable, making sure it’s scalable and able to balance out all aspects of running it, and allowing it to be shareable; your brand will be on the road to branding success. Remember to go over your checklists and see if you’re on track for fast growth and a brand that will be strong and profitable for years to come.