Building a Brand by Listening

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Building a Brand by Listening

How Paying Attention to Clients Helps Boost Your Brand

Inspiration for a great branding strategy can come from many places and some of those places can be very unlikely and therefore possibly looked over. However, one of those more unlikely places is one of the simplest ways to boost your brand and that unlikely inspirational booster is, listening.

Listening might seem like an everyday concept that doesn’t really play a part in branding, but the truth of the matter is that listening to what your clients have to say can have an important impact on how you brand yourself and your company. Whether you are an agency who markets brands for companies or you own your own company, listening to clients and their needs helps your brand realize those needs and in turn help grow your company. So how do you become better at listening, so you can boost your brand? Let’s look at a few key steps you can take on a path towards becoming a better listener.

Focus on Who You’re Talking to

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in person or online, if you’re having a conversation with a customer or perspective client, make sure you keep your focus on that person. The key component of listening is to stop everything else you’re doing, stop any distraction that may occur, and really focus on who is talking to you. It’s also a good idea to clear any distractions that may be going on in your head. That way the person you’re listening to will have your full and undivided attention. Focusing on listening will also help you pick up on important components of the conversation you may have otherwise missed if distracted.

Don’t be a Fake Listener

A fake listener is a bad listener. A fake listener is one whose agenda is personal or is uninterested in what the person they are listening to has to say. There are several types of fake listeners. The “pretender” will pretend to be engaged and listening, but aren’t really interested in what you have to say. The “answer man” is someone who will offer solutions to challenges before the one doing the talking is finished. And the “opinionator” only listens to see if the person who is speaking has ideals or opinions similar to his or her own. A good listener doesn’t form an opinion prematurely and lets the speaker finish before responding.

A fake listener is one whose agenda is personal or is uninterested in what the person they are listening to has to say. Click To Tweet

Be Aware of Body Language

Being an active and attentive listener includes paying attention to the speaker’s body language. This includes nodding at appropriate moments to acknowledge your engagement in listening as well as maintaining eye contact throughout the conversation. Pay attention the speaker’s posture and nonverbal gestures like facial expressions and tone of voice and by tuning into body language, you’ll be more insightful into the speaker’s points and what they want to convey to you.

Be Ready to Paraphrase and Repeat

Being a good listener means you’ve clearly understood what was just said. To prove that to the speaker, be ready to paraphrase or restate certain key points that was made by the speaker while you were listening. This will rely to the speaker that you were paying attention and was genuinely listening to what he or she had to say. When you repeat their concerns or key points back to them, you’re relaying to them that what they had to say matters and that you are indeed a good listener.

Remember to Ask Clarifying Questions

If the speaker wasn’t able to adequately articulate their point while you were listening, don’t be afraid to ask them questions to clarify what you just heard. You want to be sure that you understand their points so that you can engage with them an action to follow or make sure you’re able to respond to their needs. Asking the speaker relevant questions show them that you were attentive and that what they had to say was important to you.

So how does being a good listener tie in with boosting your brand? Being a good listener can help further your understanding of any issues or concerns that your clients or our company may be facing. Listening and being engaged with what clients have to say will also increase your understanding of what the needs of your customer base are. Listening will help broaden your understanding of the competitive landscape where others with similar concepts as well as products and services compete, giving you an edge over your competition. And finally, being a good listener will give you a better comprehension of your brand’s goals and aspirations. So, when it comes to boosting your brand, don’t forget to be an open, honest, and attentive listener.