Is a Social Influencer Right for you?

By Sib Santos It depends. One thing is for sure, the media landscape has transformed over the past decade and end consumers are seeking new ways to find trustworthy information. New platforms to connect with potential customers are launching almost daily, and consumers of all demographics are engaged with social media and content on a […]

Actionable SaaS Sales Strategies

Globally, SaaS market revenues are projected to grow to $113.1 billion by 2021. (Gartner) When choosing the appropriate SaaS sales strategy to meet your growth goals, it is best to go evergreen with tested and scalable approach leveraged by high-growth SaaS platforms. Look at what SaaS unicorns like Slack and doom are doing to get […]

Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your SaaS Conversion Funnel in 2020

The sales conversion funnel is at the heart of any SaaS marketing strategy. Unfortunately, sometimes after these funnels are created, not enough effort is spent in their review, analysis, experimentation, and modification. When sales begin to trail off, marketers are often inspired to review the funnel and look for problems. However, in this dynamic online […]

Content Marketing VS Inbound Marketing

The challenging field of digital Marketing is often made more difficult by a vocabulary that is sometimes misused and misunderstood. Two terms that are commonly used interchangeably are content marketing and inbound marketing. While there is a close relationship and overlap between these two concepts, they are not merely two expressions of the same thing. […]

Top Inbound Marketing Challenges and How to Solve Them

Inbound Marketing remains one of the most effective tools in your organization’s arsenal to generate more high-quality leads. Targeted leads are the lifeblood of growing revenues, and it is more challenging than ever to keep that pipeline flowing and your business growing. Understanding the unique challenges faced with inbound marketing vs traditional outbound marketing is […]

7 Proven Strategies For Launching a New Business

So you’re ready to take the leap. You’re going to strike out on your own, be your own boss, chase your own dreams (and profits.) Good for you! Now, let’s get back to reality. First off, most businesses aren’t get rich quick schemes. And even when you work for yourself, you’ll have to answer to […]

Common Ways to Launch Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing is a powerful tool for generating leads, drumming up sales, and building an audience. However, digital marketing is a tricky, intricate field and many companies find themselves spending money and resources, but not producing results. drumming up sales, and building an audience. However, digital marketing is a tricky, intricate field and many companies […]

Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Open and Clickthrough Rates

Email marketing Email marketing is an excellent way to increase your brand awareness, stay in touch with your subscribers and build a strong relationship with them. And the more your email list grows, the greater your enthusiasm to send your audience useful, entertaining emails to enjoy. But how do you know what would most appeal […]

3 Essential Email Marketing Trends for 2019

Who would have thought? 40 years after the first promotional email went out, email marketing has become the number one driver of customer acquisition and retention. It has changed tremendously in these past four decades, and every year brings at least one new trend that businesses of all sizes follow. What are the top email […]