Stay Calm and Carry On While Working with Clients

The customer is always right Okay, if you’ve spent enough time in the service industry, you’ve probably concluded that the customer is, in fact, not always right. Yet when it comes to difficult clients, there are better methods than simply blowing them off or turning them away. Instead, it’s important to engage with clients in […]

If Your Marketing Campaign is Breaking Down

Try These Helpful Tips to Fix it It can happen to even the best of the best in the marketing world. At first your marketing campaign is going great. It started off well and has continued to be successful. The problem is, somewhere along the line, the campaign started breaking down and the results weren’t […]

Engage Customers Rather than Annoy Them

The Average Person will be Exposed to Roughly 4,000 Adverts Per Day From jingles onto the radio, to the countless billboards, posters, and other ads we pass on every drive and walk, people are exposed to tremendous amounts of advertising. Open up your email inbox, check your text messages, there’s a good chance that you’re […]

The Digital Age of Customer Service

How to Stay Ahead While Keeping Your Customers Satisfied There’s no question that the “Digital Age” has changed the way we do business, advertise to our customers, and stay on top of things when it comes to customer service. The current world of everchanging technology and the rise of social media platforms has offered not […]

Streamlining Your Agency Workflow

How to Streamline and Manage Your Agency’s Workflow Anyone who has worked in an agency knows that there’s a lot of hustle and bustle. The creative juices are constantly flowing, the projects are ever-changing, and the challenges are often thought-provoking. This “chaos,” however, needs to be properly managed or the agency and its staff can […]

How to Improve Conversions Rates

Try These Typically Overlooked Social Media Tactics When it comes to using your social media platforms to improve your conversion rates and spread your branding message, you may think the routine you’ve got going on is currently working just fine for you. Perhaps you surmise that since you’ve got a seemingly good thing going, you […]

Make Data-Driven Decisions With AI

Using AI to Increase Business-Side Results and Make Data-Driven Decisions Is there a hotter buzzword than artificial intelligence (AI)? Certainly, AI is on the short-list of promising technologies that could reshape the future. The AI market is projected to reach $37 billion by 2025, with many predicting that it will dramatically shakeup workforces and business […]