Inbound Marketing That Works

How to Build a Highly Effective Account-Based Marketing Campaign to Target the Best Customers For many marketers, a highly-effective inbound marketing campaign that produces great ROI is a sort of “holy grail” because with inbound marketing, you can sit back and let the customers come to you. These customers will practically qualify themselves by showing […]

The Necessity of Project Management Tools

4 Issues to Avoid When Using Project Management Tools Project management tools have been widely touted as must-haves when it comes to effectively managing a project. However, for all the ballyhoo over these solutions, it’s not at all clear that project management software is a panacea when it comes to managing a project. Using such […]

15 Ways to Ramp Up Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is an important factor for any business Customers are bombarded with ads and commercials all day long and indeed, the average person will see somewhere around 5,000 ads per day! It can be hard to stand out given all that noise. However, by following the 15 tips below you can increase customer engagement. […]

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Sometimes you’ll hear marketers divide marking into two distinct fields called “traditional” and “digital” marketing. This divide is somewhat arbitrary, but to understand what digital marketing is, it helps to understand why some marketers make this divide. Traditional marketing refers to most of the pre-Internet advertising methods such as mailers, billboards, […]

The Modern Digital Marketing Agency

The Many Changes in the Advertising World The advertising world has undergone immense change over the past several years. TV, print, and other “traditional” forms of advertising are no longer as popular as they once were, but that doesn’t mean that these traditional advertising channels are irrelevant, far from it. However, newer advertising channels offer […]

Blockchain in Advertising

The Shakeup of Digital Advertising 2017 turned out to be the “year of the bitcoin.” The cryptocurrency enjoyed huge price swings, or suffered, depending on your point of view. It was a wild ride and along the way, bitcoin dragged the concept of alternative, non-government currencies and also blockchain technology into the mainstream. While bitcoin […]

Artificial Intelligence

and What It Means for Marketing Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, might just be the hottest “buzzword” in the world right now. Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, thought leaders in nearly every industry, governments, the number of people and organizations interested in AI is essentially uncountable. In this article, […]

Understanding Your Facebook Relevancy Score

and How to Improve It Did you know that your Facebook ads are given a relevance score? It’s a score from 1-10 that looks at how relevant your ad will be to your target audience. This score is very important for your Facebook ad campaigns. Worried you’ll get a low Facebook relevance score? Fortunately, there […]