15 Quick Tips for Improving Your Brain Power

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Brain Power

What separates man from beast?

Quite simply, our brains. Our high intelligence has allowed us to become the dominant species on Earth and to build a vast and technologically advanced civilization. No other species on Earth even comes close. All of this comes down to our brains.

Brain power is also vital for your career and small business success. You’re more likely to move up the corporate ladder or successfully launch your own business if you have a sharp mind. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your brain’s processing power.

Let’s go over 15 quick tips for improving your brain power.

1. Have a drink

Excessive alcohol consumption can be detrimental to your health. However, consuming small amounts of alcohol may improve both your mental and cardiovascular health. One study at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Italy found that those over the age of 65 who regularly consumed alcohol throughout life were much less likely to develop mental impairment as they got older.

2. Play Video Games

Yup, playing video games can improve your mental health. Researchers studied 150 teenagers and discovered that those who played video games regularly had more well-developed left ventral striatums. Specifically, the teens had more brain cells. The left ventral striatum is important for regulating the interplay between behavior and emotions.

3. Skip the TV

While you have permission to play video games, you should skip TV. Excessive TV consumption has been tied to lower mental capacities and also learning disorders. Quite likely, this is due to the fact that TV watching is passive while playing video games is interactive.

4. Make Sure You Work Out

Overall physical health can have a big impact on your mental faculties. In fact, research suggests that regular exercise can slow or even reverse mental decay. Exercise will also get your blood flowing, ensuring that your brain gets a healthy dose of oxygen and vital nutrients.

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5. Make Sure you get Plenty of H2o

The human body is largely made up of water. The same is true of your brain. In fact, your brain is about 75% water. An intense workout will cause you to sweat, which means your body will lose water. In fact, if you sweat enough or otherwise become dehydrated, your brain will begin to shrink! You don’t have to skip gym day, mind you, but you should bring a water bottle along.

6. Take a Dive in the Pool

When you swim and hold your breath, it can actually increase blood flow and circulation. Mind you, we’re talking about holding your breath for a few seconds, not depriving it of oxygen for an extended period, which would be bad for the brain. So hit the pool, get in a good work out, and improve your blood flow! This will benefit your brain.

7. Reduce processed foods

Researchers have found that children who consumed diets that are high in processed foods generally score lower on IQ tests than children who enjoy either traditional or health-conscious diets. Quite likely, this remains true for adults. So skip or reduce the processed foods in your diet and enjoy meats, fresh fruits and veggies, grains, and other natural products.

8. Enjoy Some Caffeine

Caffeine has been found to improve mental capacities. Research in rats has found that electrical signals increased in strength after the rodents were dosed with caffeine. This can lead to quick improvements in mental capacities and may improve the strength of your synapses over the long haul.

9. Don’t smoke (or quit if you do)

Smoking is expensive and bad for your health. Smoking may also be bad for your brain. Research conducted at the University of Michigan found that smokers suffered from slower thinking speed and accuracy compared to those who don’t smoke. Research at Tel Aviv University likewise found that regular smokers had lower average IQs.

10. Acquire New Skills

Learning new skills can be a great work out for your brain and can help improve mental capacities. Every time you learn a skill, you’re essentially solving a puzzle or riddle. How do I bake the perfect cake? How do I say “pass the salt” in Italian? Research conducted at McGill University found that people who enrolled in a tango class saw their mental capacities improve after just 10 weeks of classes!

11. Get Your Daily Dose of Music

Both playing a musical instrument and listening to music has been found to improve your mental faculties. In fact, one study found that listening to Mozart can lead to a dramatic albeit temporary increase in IQ. This is now called the Mozart Effect.

12. Get Plenty of Sleep

A lack of sleep won’t leave you just cranky and tired. It’ll leave your brain lethargic and can reduce your mental capacities. One study tested adults and their ability to solve mathematical equations. Those who were well-rested were three times more likely to solve equations than those who were sleep deprived.

13. Take Your Vitamins

A good multivitamin may improve your mental health. It’s especially important to get the appropriate doses of vitamins B, C, D, and E. Healthy vitamin levels have been tied to increased cognitive performance. By simply taking a good multivitamin, you can help ensure appropriate vitamin levels. An even better option, however, is a healthy diet.

14. Get Your Stress Levels Under Control

Stress is bad for your physical and mental health. High levels of stress can lead to a lower performance in a wide range of activities. If you’re stressed out, try stepping away from work for a few days, if you can. Or, consider yoga or another relaxing activity.

15. Keep your Blood Sugar Levels Regulated

If your blood sugar levels are out of whack, it can lower your cognitive functions. Fortunately, by regulating your sugar consumption, and if necessary taking diabetic medication, you can regulate and stabilize your blood sugar levels.