Managing Multiple Marketing Campaigns

How to Maintain Your Sanity Along with Profits There’s no question that sometimes managing more than one marketing campaign can get tricky, even for the most seasoned marketer. With more than one client, things have the potential of getting hectic and stressful. Perhaps two clients request something at the last minute or maybe you have […]

Streamlining Your Agency Workflow

How to Streamline and Manage Your Agency’s Workflow Anyone who has worked in an agency knows that there’s a lot of hustle and bustle. The creative juices are constantly flowing, the projects are ever-changing, and the challenges are often thought-provoking. This “chaos,” however, needs to be properly managed or the agency and its staff can […]

How to Improve Conversions Rates

Try These Typically Overlooked Social Media Tactics When it comes to using your social media platforms to improve your conversion rates and spread your branding message, you may think the routine you’ve got going on is currently working just fine for you. Perhaps you surmise that since you’ve got a seemingly good thing going, you […]

Make Data-Driven Decisions With AI

Using AI to Increase Business-Side Results and Make Data-Driven Decisions Is there a hotter buzzword than artificial intelligence (AI)? Certainly, AI is on the short-list of promising technologies that could reshape the future. The AI market is projected to reach $37 billion by 2025, with many predicting that it will dramatically shakeup workforces and business […]

Inbound Marketing That Works

How to Build a Highly Effective Account-Based Marketing Campaign to Target the Best Customers For many marketers, a highly-effective inbound marketing campaign that produces great ROI is a sort of “holy grail” because with inbound marketing, you can sit back and let the customers come to you. These customers will practically qualify themselves by showing […]

The Necessity of Project Management Tools

4 Issues to Avoid When Using Project Management Tools Project management tools have been widely touted as must-haves when it comes to effectively managing a project. However, for all the ballyhoo over these solutions, it’s not at all clear that project management software is a panacea when it comes to managing a project. Using such […]

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Sometimes you’ll hear marketers divide marking into two distinct fields called “traditional” and “digital” marketing. This divide is somewhat arbitrary, but to understand what digital marketing is, it helps to understand why some marketers make this divide. Traditional marketing refers to most of the pre-Internet advertising methods such as mailers, billboards, […]